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Non-Attachment – a great way to live!

The Law of Non-attachment seeks to address various issues that arise from our egos.  Some people are only ever happy if things go their way and lose it as soon as they don’t. The human ego is adverse to disappointment and has an inbuilt need to control everything so as to feel safe. Most of us from time to time feel grumpy, angry, aggressive, blaming, upset or even devastated if things don’t go well. Just look at how your average two year old behaves when another child wants to borrow its favourite toy.

This is a perfect illustration of attachment: its mine! Such things are not restricted to toddlers. Big kids grapple with this as well. When any of this is going on for us, it is a pretty good indication that one of the spiritual classrooms we are in is non-attachment.

Attachment leads to pain and suffering. So, spiritual teachers and philosophies the world over ask us to be surrendered or non-attached. A useful working definition of not being attached is: I can be happy and content no matter what. My deep joy and inner peace is not disturbed by what happens in the world around me. If I have it, or don’t have it, I am ok.

Take a look at what is happening for you, and where you feel squeezed, under pressure, resistant, resentful or territorial. These are places where you will find that you are attached.

When we are attached, the Universe goes into teaching mode, to show us that we are OK without whatever it is that we are so desperate to have. Not a breath of spiritual air will stir if we do countless affirmations and we will find what we seek to be elusive. Counter intuitive as it sounds, we are much more likely to fulfil our hearts desire in healthy and wholesome ways if we sever our attachments and be relaxed about whether or not we actually attain the object of our desires.

Either way, when we practice non-attachment we win. We increase the probability of having what we want, and if it doesn’t come, we are happy anyway! Feel into where you might be attached and see if you can generate some non-attachment. Durga blesses you with greater capacity for non-attachment: breathe in and receive the blessing now.


Shakti Durga

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