Overcoming Difference in Relationships

by | 11 Oct, 2022

When differences arise in a relationship, how do you overcome them? And where do they come from?

No matter how wonderful the person you fall in love with might be, sooner or later, you’re going to find that you do not agree on everything.  Sometimes there are very great differences between the way you might see things and the way your partner sees things. This is where skills can be learned so we can go beyond this difficult part of the relationship to reach that place of really deep intimacy and connection.  That’s an important place in relationship.

One of the things that I’ve learned is that we can assume that our way of doing things is the right way. And if someone does it differently, well, they’re doing it the wrong way. And this can be something that is quite affronting to both parties.

I can remember one fellow I knew who had this insistence that washing up in the evening meant every single thing in the kitchen was completely clean and put away. He was married to a woman who had grown up to understand that you wipe down the benches, you washed everything up, and you left it to drain until tomorrow. In their relationship in which both of them thought that they were right, it nearly caused world war three.

With some spiritual delving, what became apparent is that the husband’s insistence on everything being absolutely perfect, was because his somewhat violent father had reacted with outrage and violence, if anything was not perfect in the kitchen. And so through terror and trauma, he had very strong views on the necessity for having a completely clean, clear kitchen before you went to bed at nighttime. And so when this realisation dawns, he had no idea that that’s why he felt the way he did. But when spiritual energy healing brought this to the surface, we were able to clear it. And he got to a stage where he could see that it didn’t really matter if everything was washed up. They could put things away in the morning, or they could choose to put everything away that night. And it didn’t have to be something that was a trigger point in their relationship.

Thinking about your own relationships, how often are you triggered by things that have really very little to do with what’s going on now, but might come from distant past matters that you barely remember or maybe you don’t really remember them at all, but you’re being triggered. Energy healing will help you get to the bottom of that and clean up your relationship as well as your whole life.  It can certainly bring more joy and more relief into your relationship potential.

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