Podcast: Abundance in strange and unpredictable times

by | 28 Jun, 2020

How to become a magnet to the future we’d like to have

Who would have thought, even two months ago, that we would all be staying at home? Who would have imagined that businesses would be closed, nobody would be catching public transport, and there would be no cars on the road? Who would’ve thought we would be living the times that we’re in right now? And who knows where it’s going to end up?

In today’s episode, Shakti Durga explores how we can best support ourselves and become a magnet to the future we’d like to have. She discusses the best way for us to hold our consciousness when going through a time of complete uncertainty and how now we can utilize the most precious resource that we have – time – to either raise the possibility of us leading abundant lives at the end of COVID-19 or going in a big, black hole.



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #64 learn how to look at the current world with the lens of opportunity instead of a terrible scourge and the ways in which we can align ourselves with the best outcome possible. You will hear how we can evolve our consciousness to a place of harmony and balance, and find the inner beauty, and hold a clear vision of the types of things we would like to enjoy in life.  

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Shakti Durga has also recorded meditations for attracting abundance and wealth into your life. You can check them out here. She also runs an abundance program called the Life’s 4 Vedic Pillars.



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