Podcast: Abundance on the Spiritual Path

by | 14 Jul, 2020

What do wealth and abundance mean to you?

When we’re on a spiritual path, it can be confusing sometimes, to lead a life that’s grounded, where we have so many things to manage, where there’s so many competing priorities, where we have responsibilities. And yet, internally, we also can feel there’s a lot of changes happening as well – and it can be confusing sometimes to work out how to be you in this growing awareness of self.




In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #71 Shakti Durga shares a discourse that focuses on abundance and moving into a more vibrant future. Also, near the end of this episode, you’ll hear a beautiful story of wealth and how it finds us on a spiritual path.

We create our lives, every day. With every choice we make, we’re creating our futures – it’s part of our nature to be creators. So, tune in, and listen to this episode of Soul Talk, and learn how to be rooted in your soul’s presence, to have clarity and start to see things manifesting in inexplicable ways.

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