Podcast: Body Divine – Discussion

by | 7 Sep, 2022

Discussion of the teaching given by Mother Artha on 27 November 2020

In this episode Shakti Durga adds her insight to the teaching given by Mother Artha the week before, including reference to the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah. The discussion is delivered at a more grounded vibration and forms an important bridge for listeners to fully engage with the teachings.

Explanatory Notes.

The Great Mutation – an astrological event that occurred in December 2020 that began a 200-year cycle by which the planets Jupiter and Saturn meet only in air signs. This is a cycle where knowledge and wisdom are valued more highly. This vast change will help move us out of 200 years of valuing the physical above other forms of self and wealth

Maya – the belief that all of creation is a hologram and as such is less fixed than we may believe. Our own thoughts and beliefs form a personal hologram that is the basis of our experiences. This is malleable and with spiritual development we can change and eventually transcend our Maya.



Listen to the Teaching – https://nikhil2.com/podcast-body-divine




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