Podcast: Death and Continuous Consciousness

by | 3 Aug, 2022

Mother Artha gave this teaching on 21 August 2020.

She discusses death and the ability of some humans to attain continuous consciousness that survives death and evolves through lifetimes. Mother Artha discusses different types of human beings and how we are all meant to be different. The group to which she was speaking is of the Peacock Ray. If you are drawn to this podcast you may also be part of the Peacock Ray.


Explanatory Notes.

Etheric Hardware – your light or energy body, including chakras.

Asuras – powerful beings trapped in the equivalent of an egoic nature. While they may be great leaders, build great cities and have devotional attributes, they are also self-serving, in contrast to divine beings who serve the greater good. A corollary in humans is the battle that sometimes rages between the lower nature and the higher self. Artha is referring to the lower nature in humanity as well

Listen to the Discussion – https://nikhil2.com/podcast-death-and-continuous-consciousness-discussion/




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