Podcast: Devotion and Surrender

by | 8 Apr, 2021

Courage is needed in order for a Spiritual Person to make real Progress

Devotion is love with commitment and surrender is a doorway or an access point into a broader universe of possibility, inspiration, and illumination. Devotion to all living things and the practice of spiritual surrender are hallmarks of spiritual self-mastery. What they have in common is that they both require quite a bit of courage – and courage is born from our heart and soul.

In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #180 Shakti Durga shares insights into two other hallmarks of spiritual self-mastery: devotion and surrender. She explains their real meaning, as well as the relationship between love, fear, and courage.

Tune in to learn the types of surrender, why courage is needed in order for a spiritual person to make real progress, and why our spiritual ego is just as bad if not worse than any kind of ego. Namaste.

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