Podcast: Distillation: The 2nd Last Stage In The Alchemical Process

by | 18 Feb, 2021

Moving forward to the Distillation Stage

In our spiritual journey, we find ourselves going through the different stages of the alchemical transformation. In the previous episode, you heard Shakti Durga explain the fermentation process and its results. That is most often a painful process, where we become aware of stuff we never were before, but it’s a necessary part of the journey, that allows us to then move forward to the distillation stage – the second last step to us becoming fully enlightened.

In this episode of Soul Talk

In episode #159 Shakti Durga discusses the distillation phase, in which purity becomes the catchword, and we start to look at our various kinds of motivations for things in our life. She shares one of the practices that really help during this process, and gives us a sneak peek into the last stage.

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