Podcast: Emotional Mastery

by | 5 Apr, 2021

Wouldn’t life be simpler if we didn’t have emotions to deal with?!

Even though you might be tempted to give a positive answer to this question, you should take a moment to imagine how dull our lives would be, compared to the rich and vibrant life that emotions allow us to have.

Emotions are messengers from our unconscious, they’re messages from our intuitive self and sometimes even from the soul letting us know to watch out, look out for a boundary that needs to be adjusted, or maybe there’s something we need to grieve and let go.

In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #178 Shakti Durga shares insights into the seventh hallmark of self-mastery – emotional mastery. She explains that we have the power of choice on how we react to the emotions we experience, and she shares why no emotion is bad. She also teaches us that resisting emotions can have bad consequences in the longer term, and we shouldn’t judge them either.

Tune in and learn how someone who is in a self-mastered consciousness deals with emotions, a useful tool in handling emotions, as well as the aspirations and pitfalls of this seventh hallmark.

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