Podcast: Fermentation: The Next Stage Of The Alchemical Process

by | 17 Feb, 2021

Fermentation happens Within us

Take a moment and think of how wine is made. What do you do? You put the grapes into a vat, put sugar on top, and then, you let it ferment. The same fermentation process happens within us also and is part of our spiritual path

How do you know you’re going through it? You basically begin to feel worthless and start thinking how could the divine ever create someone with as many problems as you have. It’s that stage where maybe many things that have been kept in your unconscious, suddenly are conscious, and you’re aware of stuff that you never were before.

In this episode of Soul Talk

In episode #158 Shakti Durga shares an overview of the first four stages of transformation and moves on to describing the next stage on this path – fermentation. She also offers precious advice on what you can do if you find yourself in this stage, as well as the outcome of this rather unwanted but empowering process.

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