Podcast: Flowing Around Obstacles

by | 17 Mar, 2021

Everybody would like to have a life where everything flows, is easy, enjoyable, where people are pleasant and where things turn out the way we thought they should, with no obstacles.

But you know what? That’s not really exactly what life is like, and one of the hallmarks of spiritual self-mastery is developing the ability to flow around obstacles.

In episode #171 of Soul Talk, Shakti Durga shares yet another valuable lesson on our path to self-mastery. She offers tips and tools to support you in those times when nothing seems to flow, and she tells some beautiful stories about synchronistic events that occurred when two people were in flow. She dives deep into the importance of having a well-developed intuitive life to live a balanced life and she explains the role of obstacles in our journey.

When we’re dealing with spiritual self-mastery, we’re not bound by the same kind of logic that we’re bound by if we’re coming from our purely rational self. If our vision is strong enough and our intention is really clear, then everything you need will come to support you in what you’re doing.

Tune in and learn how to gracefully flow around obstacles because nothing in life is sitting still and everything is subject to change.

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