Podcast: Healing the Fear around the Corona Virus

by | 6 Feb, 2020

Healing the Fear around the Corona Virus

We have all heard about the Corona Virus that is threatening the lives of millions throughout the whole world, and some of you may panic at the thought of being anywhere near it. It’s understandable. But, what fear does is, it activates your fight or flight response, making it harder for your body to resist any kind of infection, should you come near one.

Besides doing everything in our power to protect ourselves, physically, how we use our mind is also important in terms of whether or not we connect with the reality of that disease.


In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #03  we will use our mind and connect with our soul to clear away the fears, so we can be open to the thought that the virus is nowhere near us or our families.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • The options we have when we’re faced with positive or negative possibilities. (01:24)
  • Why the ego prefers pessimism and how you can steer your thoughts in the opposite direction. (02:13)
  • Meditation practice, to release your body, mind, and spirit from the negativity that holds you back from good health and well-being. (05:18)

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