Podcast: How to get your Ego back on track

by | 6 Jul, 2020

Our Soul is looking for wisdom

When our highest soul is guiding us, what the highest soul is interested in is becoming free of all the entrapments and all the karmas that have been created through lifetime after lifetime of exotic adventures that we’ve all had over time. Basically, our soul is looking for wisdom – the most precious thing we can get.

But sometimes, ego gets in the way. And though many people look at it as an enemy, it actually isn’t. It’s a vulnerable part of ourselves because, generally, the ego doesn’t show up in arrogance and ownership, but it comes into our lives whenever we doubt ourselves and feel we’re not good enough, whenever we feel inferior and not worthy. We fall out of the grace of our highest soul, and into our egos.

So what can we do? How can we get our ego back on track and return ourselves to the grace of our highest soul?


In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #67 Shakti Durga shares valuable lessons on how we can continue walking on our path to wisdom, how to recognize the moments in life when we’re in our egos, as well as her own experience with this vulnerable part of ourselves.

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