Podcast: Loving the Unlovable and Shadow

by | 7 Apr, 2021

Loving the Unlovable (including your Shadow!)

In life, wouldn’t be easier if everybody was nice all the time, if nobody was annoying, if everybody agreed with you, and you could make all the decisions? But we all know that that is not how things are. And again and again, people will behave in ways that we never saw coming. We’ll have unexpected situations and circumstances, unexpected relationship hiccups, and all kinds of surprises.

When we’re receiving our basic education on how to be a nice person, how to deal with feelings, what’s good and what’s bad, generally speaking, we are given very strong cultural conditioning that these things here are good and these things here are bad. But when we’re coming into self-mastery, it’s about trying to understand how it is that different ways of being might have their advantages, and different qualities and characteristics may need us to deal with them in ways we’ve never so far learned.

In this episode of Soul Talk:

In this episode #179 of Soul Talk, Shakti Durga explains another hallmark of self-mastery: loving the unlovable. She shares some tools that have been helpful for her to accept the emotions she was taught to deem as bad, and she shares how people are more complex than good and bad and they all have different qualities and characteristics.

Tune in and learn how to love the unlovable, as well as what our shadow really is and some of the common qualities or emotions that people can sometimes find on their shadow list, such as malice, jealousy, dishonesty, manipulation, or violence.

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