Podcast: Masters Teach by Example

by | 11 Mar, 2021

The Qualities of Spiritual Masters

The ancient art of teaching has been practiced by so many people. Everyone’s a teacher. If you’re a parent, or a manager, or a leader, you’re teaching. And people learn not so much by what you say, but by what you do.

The spiritual masters are the best at teaching by example. They are great to be around because they’re generally cheerful and happy people. Around them, it’s wise to practice respect and reverence because the energy and grace they carry can be absorbed by us and spread to others if we have the right attitude.

In this episode of Soul Talk

In episode #167 Shakti Durga describes the qualities of spiritual masters, their effect on people, and the dangers of trying to become a teacher when you are not ready for it. She also talks about the changes in our reactions when we are in close proximity to spiritual masters, as well as the learnings we get from being around them.

May all of us embody knowledge and turn it into wisdom and have the insight, skill, and patience to be a positive influence in the world to lead and teach by example, and create peace, harmony, and goodwill for everyone.

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