Podcast: Mental Mastery

by | 10 Mar, 2021

Train your mind toward Creativity and Acceptance

The mind is often used merely as an instrument by most people to show us what’s going on in the world. If someone’s doing something we don’t like, that registers in our mind and we label that person as “I don’t like him/her”. And then the next time we meet that person, we’re expecting that they’re going to do things we don’t like.

What happens is, over time, we develop a critical pathway in our mind concerning that person. And our expectation and our memory of him/her is only about the things we don’t like. However, that person may have other facets to the diamond of their personality, and they may be basically good people. But because we have judged them in this way, all we ever see is the bad bits.

So, how can we have mental mastery, and see things for what they really are?

In this episode of Soul Talk

In episode #168 Shakti Durga shares how you can train your mind toward creativity and acceptance, rather than feeding it with negativity and bad thoughts. She discusses the importance of our mindset and delves deep into how our minds are connecting to others – more than you imagine.

Shakti Durga shares insights into one of the biggest shifts we can make in our entire life – starting to appreciate ourselves as part of something much greater than ourselves – and the areas of interest when we practice mental mastery.

Tune in, to find out the tools to use with the mind, the pitfalls to watch out for around the hallmark of mental mastery, and how little by little, we can change our world through controlling our minds.

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