Podcast: Patterns That Won’t Shift

by | 26 Oct, 2020

Creating New Patterns

Trying to make changes in your life – whether it’s within yourself, how you feel about yourself or about your relationships, about how your body’s working – can be very bewildering. And the reason why that happens is because we often build our consciousness into an ‘attractive field’ and create patterns that are hard to modify.

Energy healing has such an important role in the life of anybody who wants to live really consciously because it short circuits the process of getting out of one attractive field and creating another one.



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #115 Shakti Durga offers advice on how you can shift your consciousness from patterns that don’t serve you and release your spirit from what you’ve created in places where you don’t like what you’ve created. So, tune in, and learn more!

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