Podcast: Power to Pierce Illusion

by | 3 Mar, 2021

Piercing Illusion through Spiritual Training and Spiritual Practices

Have you ever had a time in your life where you were steaming ahead in a particular direction and then, after a while, you thought, “What am I doing? It seems so crazy what I thought was the right thing. Now, there’s a whole different way I could be approaching this!”

Sometimes we get ourselves into a self-deluded state because of the nature of thinking and the belief systems that we end up inside of and because what we’re exposed to in our world can really jumble clear thinking.

In this episode of Soul Talk

In episode #164 Shakti Durga talks about the power of piercing illusion and how we can do that through spiritual training and spiritual practices. She shares the pitfalls of illusion, the clearing we can do to lift the veil and see the reality, as well as the blessing for using our minds as an instrument of creation.

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