Podcast: Self-Love – I Am Enough

by | 4 Oct, 2020

Connect to the true meaning of ‘Self’

Having self-love is probably the most important kind of ‘love’ because if we don’t have that, almost nothing else is going to work out for us. If we don’t have self-love, it puts us into a place of stress, where we feel not good enough – so we try to compensate. And usually, we overcompensate by having the need to please everybody, by having to be perfect and make everything else perfect and control everything. Then arrogance comes in.

Lacking self-love takes us on a downward spiral that, well, you can imagine where we could potentially end up. So how do we get to this gentle place of feeling that we’re okay with the way we are?



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #106 Shakti Durga shares an exercise that connects you to the true meaning of ‘self’, to nature – which in turn reinforces the truth that we are all enough. Tune in and find out a simple thing that you can do to be one with nature, one with the divine.

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