Podcast: Self-Love Vs. Self-Esteem

by | 22 Jul, 2020

What is self-esteem? Is it a different notion than self-love?

Most of us would agree that they are not alike, indeed, and if we were to choose one over the other, the best would be to choose self-love because the self-esteem can isolate us from other people, it can create a false image of ourselves and when things don’t go as we imagined, that’s when it can hurt us most.

Instead, self-love opens the doors to compassion toward ourselves and the others.



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #75 Shakti Durga talks about a great book, “Self-Compassion”, written by Kristin Neff, and she explains why and how we should think more of building and nurturing our self-love and compassion, as we progress on our spiritual path.

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