Podcast: Service

by | 15 Mar, 2021

Service gives meaning to Life

The second hallmark of spiritual self-mastery is service, which means helping others without any thought of reward, payment, or even recognition.

In the long road to enlightenment, our first priority is to lift our vibration and expand our consciousness. During that process, our lives are going to transform, we’re going to think and feel differently. We begin to turn our focus to assisting others.

In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #169 Shakti Durga dives deep into a discussion about service, and all the aspects related to it. You will hear ways in which you can begin to serve today, either at work or in your personal life, how a spiritual master helps others, the miraculous effect serving can have and all the other benefits.

Everyone can serve. So, tune in and learn how service gives meaning to life, the six aspirations we have when we are on the journey of developing the second hallmark of spiritual self-mastery, as well as the five pitfalls in trying to attain a high level of service.

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