Podcast: The Human Blueprint, Adam Cadman and Divine Design

by | 20 Jul, 2022

Mother Artha gave this teaching 14 August 2020.

Mother Artha discusses Adam Cadman, the blueprint of Humanity that the Divine poured itself into to create humanity and all other forms of creation.

She talks about the great changes that are coming and how lightworkers can play their part.



Explanatory notes.

The ‘V-Diagram’ – a map of consciousness through 5 dimensions. Shakti Durga has written 5 books based on this model, (Ignite Your Spirit, Empowering Relationships, Dimensions of Wealth, Spiritual Mastery and Yoga of the Mind https://nikhil2.com/product-category/books/) The 5 dimensions are the physical, energy body, astral (thoughts and feelings), soul and divine essence.

Vishuddha Chakra – also known as the throat chakra.

Listen to the Discussion – https://nikhil2.com/podcast-the-human-blueprint-adam-cadman-and-divine-design-discussion/



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