Podcast: The Importance of Diversity in our World

by | 19 Sep, 2022

Mother Artha gave this teaching on 11 December 2020.

Mother Artha discusses the importance of diversity and how the homogenisation of language leads to the homogenisation of thought and consciousness. She says each is born into the precise culture and experience, that the problems of our culture are our crucible, for example depression and anxiety. She also discusses discernment and how, through spiritual progress, we naturally uplift others.



Explanatory Notes:
The Path of Ease and Grace – a spiritual personal development seminar series developed by Shakti Durga that is taught through The Consciousness Connection.

Mother Artha also states that a baby is a delight to all who are around it unless ‘they are mentally ill’ she is saying that if adults around the baby are not delighted it is some kind of difficulty within them, not the baby.

Abhaya mudra, – a hand gesture depicted in spiritual art, used by gods and goddesses and Spiritual Masters for blessings to alleviate fear. The right hand is held up with the palm outwards.

Bhakti, Jnana, Kriya yoga – Devotion, wisdom and the power to transform things in the world and thus create action.


Listen to the Discussion – https://nikhil2.com/podcast-the-importance-of-diversity-in-our-world-discussion/



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