Podcast: The Universe plays pool with our lives

by | 3 Jun, 2020

Ways to deal with the changes that are inevitable

How often do we make plans and schedule everything down to the last detail, only to find ourselves thrown into the unexpected? It’s like sometimes the Universe doesn’t want to cooperate with us or just wants to play some snooker and rearrange the balls of our reality.

This translates into change – sometimes, the perceived enemy of our balance and security. World events like hurricanes or wars don’t alter the day-to-day experiences for everyone on the planet. But this time, the Universe hit all the balls on the table, and COVID rearranges our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine before.



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #54 Shakti Durga shares a few ways to deal with the changes that are inevitable so that we can transition as positive as we can into a new, brighter future.

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