Podcast: Transitions

by | 25 Aug, 2020

The ways people react to Transitions

The pandemic that we’re going through has forced us to make some serious changes in our lives, and we’re currently transitioning from a non-COVID world, learning how to protect ourselves, survive, and thrive in the new situation that we’re facing. For some, this transition can be more difficult than for others, but no matter what we’re going through, we still have to adapt to a new reality.

In the book, “The Wisdom of Transition: Navigating Change at Work”, the author, Cheryl Benedict differentiates in the most perfect way change from transition. She says that “Change is the physical things that are happening, but transition is your inner, emotional, and mental state of what’s happening for you during this time of change.”

So, how can we make the transition smoother, to all the changes that are thrown at us?



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #89 Shakti Durga explains the ways people react to transitions, what happens in our mind, and our bodies while we’re crossing the gap between our old and new habits, and she shares insights into how we can navigate smoother through this ever-changing world. Tune into this episode, to learn more!

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