Podcast: Unconditional Love

by | 15 Dec, 2020

The Doorway to Love is Guarded by Fear

When we’re in love, we just look like we’re glowing and we feel like everything is amazing! The flowers smell better and the sun shines brighter, and it seems like everything is heightened in its color. Have you ever felt that way?

But along with those wonderful feelings, there is one more thing that we experience. We become vulnerable and start to live with the fear that at some point, this fairytale will fade away, and the most amazing creature that God ever put on the planet for us will go away in any shape or form – and we begin to attach conditions to our love.

In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #137 Shakti Durga offers teaching on learning to love unconditionally, and she shares insights on some of the challenges we might encounter on the pathway to more love. Tune in, to learn how you can open your heart and become really alive, without attaching conditions to what your heart desires.

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