Podcast: What Happens When We Die

by | 29 Oct, 2020

A transition to another field of reality

The subject of death is never really one that lights people up, in our culture. But in fact, in other cultures, it’s regarded in a different way. It’s not regarded as an end – just a transition to another field of reality and consciousness that’s waiting for people after they release themselves from a body which by then may have broken down.

After all, what we believe about life and death is really just that! A belief! So, what would you prefer to believe? Because regardless of your thoughts on this, that’s what’s going to be the underpinning of your life.



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #117 Shakti Durga touches on the topic of death – what the general beliefs are depending on your culture, and what the latest scientific discoveries say about this process that we all go through, at one point or the other.

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