Abundance Meditations for a Life of Ease & Grace

Abundance Meditations for a Life of Ease & Grace

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We are powerful and we can change ourselves, our energy and our lives. Imagine that the universe is a place of opportunity, a place where plenty exists, that all the resources exist to fulfil the wishes of our heart, and all we have to do is bring our vibration into alignment with the beautiful life that we can envisage for ourselves.

Shakti Durga leads you through four great meditations to help anchor more abundance in your life. Release blockages to connecting with your vision, release poverty consciousness that is holding you back from recognising opportunities for abundance, pierce veils of illusion and connect more with your capacity to magnetise your dreams and vision for a better life.


1:  Benevolent Universe Meditation (15:38)  37.6MB

2: Heart of Wealth Meditation (14:33)  35MB

3: New Vision Meditation (9:52)  23.8MB

4: Energy Body Meditation for Abundance (13:11)  31.7MB


Shakti Durga: Vocals
Veena Vaani: Keyboard

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