Archangelic Meditation

Archangelic Meditation

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Connect with the Archangels through this beautiful meditative process and open yourself up to Divine healing and transformation. Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel are associated with the cardinal points and with the elements in many different spiritual traditions. Because archangels are Divine, they can help us with anything. However, in this meditation we ask them for specific assistance and blessings.

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Archangelic Meditation is a powerful process, which will help you to overcome obstacles which may be present in your life, and to transcend into bliss. Regular practice of this meditation will bring more joyfulness, and bring inner peace to your spiritual journey.

The Archangels

The first of the Archangels you will meet is Archangel Michael, guardian of the South and ruler of Fire. He will help rid you of old limitations that don't serve you anymore. Break free of seen and unseen attachments, and allow blockages and low vibrational influences to be purified.

Following the purification practices with Archangel Michael you move into the realm of the mind with Archangel Raphael, guardian of the East and the element of Air.  Decide what it is that you would like to see come into your life and hold that vision. The more clearly you can visualise your dreams during the meditation the easier they will appear in the physical world.

Archangel Gabriel, guardian of the West and the element of Water appears next to help you experience  inner peace and Divine bliss. With Archangel Gabriel you learn to open your heart to receive love and with regular practice of this meditation your heart will grow as you learn to embody more love.

Archangel Uriel, guardian of the North and the element of Earth, will assist you to bless the earth with loving kindness.  This practice of serving allows the flow of grace into your physical world.

The meditation finishes with a powerful blessing from all four Archangels filling you up with Divine energy.

This meditation is a powerful, life changing tool if used regularly and with the correct focus.


1. Invocation (5:01)

2. Michael  - Purification (10:01)

3. Raphael - Clarity (7:05)

4. Gabriel - Love (7:11)

5. Uriel - Manifestation (6:13)

6. Four Archangels - Divine Union (5:37)

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To learn more about how our thoughts create our reality see Shakti Durga's book Child of God.


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