Dragon Meditation

Dragon Meditation

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Connecting with the Dragons of Limitless Creative Potential to Manifest Your Deepest Desires.

Journey into the inner plane to meet your own shapeshifting dragon – a force of manifestation – who can connect with the desires of your innermost being and set you free of limitations, enabling you to dream a new dream for a new life on a seemingly New Earth.


1. Dragon Meditation (17:13) 34.9MB

..."And as you call on your higher soul, one of the dragons will step forward and it might be any color of the rainbow. We're now looking at a very primordial energy, the dragon energy that pertains to Mother Earth herself. And these dragons hold the keys to limitless creative potential, literally limitless. And as you stand in the presence of your higher soul connected through your Crown Center, connected through your heart through your Ajna chakra. Feeling very connected. One of the Dragons just steps forward and clearly knows you. And just be aware of the appearance of this dragon, the demeanor, and gently reaching out your hand to touch the body of the dragon and just leave your hand there..."

Vocals: Shakti Durga
This was recorded in Shakti Durga's class, The 4 Vedic Pillars of Wealth in November 2021.

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