Easter Satsang Meditation and Practices

Easter Satsang Meditation and Practices


Shakti Durga invites us to consider our bodies as an alchemical vessel in which we can place all that we wish to sacrifice, for the fire of the Divine to burn, freeing us to move to a new level of consciousness where we can meet in the heart’s radiant awareness. She leads us in a meditation calling in the Christ consciousness and abundance, which she recommends as a daily practice in the lead up to the festival of Pentecost that takes place 50 days after Easter Sunday.

Artist: Shakti Durga

Audio 1. Alchemy of the Christ Full Practice includes some explanations Length: 42:13. File size: 83.2MB
Audio 2. Alchemy of the Christ Practice Daily Practice. Length: 35:10. File size: 69.6MB

Illuminator, by Gayatri. You can purchase the album with this track in the online shop.

Recorded on Easter Sunday, 9 April 2023.

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