Finding More Time For Love

Finding More Time For Love

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“Sending love is the most powerful choice you can ever make.”

In this potent meditation Shakti Durga guides you into connecting with more love and gratitude; connecting with the essence of the Divine within you and pulling that into your very being. Release the grip that time has on you and open to a higher vibration of personal potential and time for love. Shakti Durga assists you to dissolve the limitations that are placed on the field of time that cause stress, lack and uncertainty, allowing you to experience the peace of having the time you need to be loving and fulfilled, to be centered and balanced in your approach to the world.

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“It’s up to you to be the change: to bring love in. Love you. Send love to your higher soul. Send love to whoever has been frustrating you.”

Shakti Durga includes the practice of bringing the soul star chakra down into the crown, then the ajna, then the heart and to manapura chakra ‘waking up the centre of Divine Fire inside you’.

  1. Finding More Time For Love (37:46)

This is a live recording and may contain sounds from the audience and surrounding environment.

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Recorded at the Abode of Peace Satsang on the 1st of January 2017.

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