Guided Meditations to Ignite Your Spirit

Guided Meditations to Ignite Your Spirit

$15.00 inc GST

Connect with the energy and light of the Earth through the body’s energy field. Expand your compassion and courage open to the strength of your soul. Breathe in from the stars and be one with everything. Shakti Durga leads you through five meditations to access more universal energy to flood through your life to focus on the right thing at the right time, for the right thing to happen.


1:  Pillar of Light (9:12)  22.1MB

2: Oneness (12:06)  21.9MB

3: Bubble of Light (11:14)  27MB

4: Focus (6:20)  14.3MB

5: Resolving Conflict (14:58) 36MB


Shakti Durga: Vocals
Veena Vaani: Harp and keyboard

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