Healing the Digestive System

Healing the Digestive System

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‘Like food, the ideas we digest can be quality, nutritious, uplifting, vitalizing food or it can be junk food. The ideas we digest can be junk but we digest it and accept it and this will interfere with the digestive capacity. It dulls the light within, information overload, a loving heart yearning to know more, yearning to be one, to enter unity, to know the way forward, struggling under a sea of information and ever diminishing digestive power. So we are going to do some work on that today.’

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Healing the Digestive System

With insightful spiritual wisdom, Shakti Durga guides us in a gentle yet powerful mediation to heal the whole of our digestive system and everything that would be causing confusion and ill health from indigested ideas and information overload. She assists us in releasing physical, mental and emotional obstacles holding us back from joyous healthy eating patterns. Also helps to release the confusing societal messages surrounding us by the food and pharmaceutical industry, thereby allowing us to connect with our own intuitive wisdom in making delicious healthful food choices.

Healing the Digestive (26:01)

Recorded at the Abode of Peace Healing Clinic on the 31st of October, 2016.

This is a live recording and may contain sounds from the audience and surrounding environment.

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