Ignite Your Spirit

Ignite Your Spirit

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Learn to use the ancient knowledge of the chakras to bring about great change to your life.  Textbook for healing yourself and others. See below for more information.

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Ignite Your Spirit and discover the healing power of the chakras.

Full of tools and techniques Ignite Your Spirit teaches you to unlock your potential and allow your spirit and your life to soar with ease and grace.  With extraordinary clarity and simplicity, author Shakti Durga shares with you concepts that change your life. The answers to the big questions, involving love, success, divinity and sustainable wealth are to be found not in your head but in your spirit. Find answers to these questions:

  • Where is my spirit?
  • What are the hidden fears and energy blockages that might be stopping me from reaching my highest potential?
  • Why is my back aching?
  • Why is success elusive?
  • How can I improve my sex life?
  • How can I exude confidence?
  • What does is mean to think multi-dimensionally?
  • Why am I not bursting with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement about my life and future?

You can have it all if you do the inner work that will give you balanced spiritual growth. Easy, safe, powerful exercises, guide you to overcome your obstacles and open your energy to attract the life you want. Ignite Your Spirit is also a seminar, taught to thousands of people internationally by Shakti Durga and her highly trained teachers.

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