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This collection of original songs will uplift your heart and ignite your spirit. With her warmth, wit and joyful wisdom, Gayatri pours soulful grace into every note she sings.

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Gayatri's debut album.

'Ignite' is Gayatri K's long anticipated debut album. She blazes like the sun and awakens joy, happiness and bliss in your heart and soul as the sound of her voice permeates your being. Be ready to be transformed!

  1. Soul Mate   4.06
  2. Real Freedom   4.05
  3. Blaze Like the Sun   4.17
  4. The Lover I Know   5.15
  5. Midnight and Noon  4.07
  6. Sweet As Can Be   5.17
  7. Song of the Phoenix   5.01
  8. Ignited   5.29
  9. Gayatri Mantra   6.16
  10. Illuminator   4.34
  11. Happy for No Reason   4.09

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