Inner Child Meditation – Male

Inner Child Meditation – Male

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Two meditative journeys to connect with your emotions and inner wisdom for healing and spiritual transformation. Allow the little boy within to speak to you and help you to heal and grow into more self love and self awareness.

There is also an Inner Child Female version of this CD. Please scroll down for details.

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This guided Inner Child Meditation Male is a power tool to assist you to heal all areas of your emotional body and promote deep, lasting, resounding peace in your life.

The tracks can be enjoyed in any order and you can play one or both of them in one session. You do not need to listen to them both, you can just play the one that you like best or the one that you perceive you need the most.

These meditations, when used consistently, will help you develop a rich and rewarding connection with your emotional body or 'inner child'. The inner child within each of us has basic needs. By connecting with and lovingly nurturing the needs of our inner child we promote good health, emotional stability, stable and supporting relationships, self-empowerment, prosperity, strong social structures, vitality and courage to overcome limitations and obstacles in our life.

1. Meet your Inner Child meditation (17:30)

2. Journey Through the Chakras (13:53)

* Please note that there are 2 versions of this Inner child Meditation, a male version and a female version.

More about the Inner Child can be found in Shakti Durga's book Empowering Relationships


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