Life’s About Learning to Love

Life’s About Learning to Love

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There is no limit to the amount of love we can experience in our lives. We can have an exponential flowering of love if we allow our consciousness to continually expand. Shakti Durga makes us aware of some of the factors that may keep us pegged to the current experience of love in our lives, and how we can shift the game, surrender, and journey into generating more love.

Artist: Shakti Durga
Length: 45:17
File size: 91.9MB

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Recorded in The Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga Satsang, online 19 March 2023.
"And if the current paradigm in which you're living does not give rise to more love in your life, you need to do investigation. You need to find a way that you can generate more love in your life; that you are the generator. And this will require the spiritual art of surrender to take place. More love than you ever knew. More love than you've ever yet experienced is on the other side of thinking you have the answers already. Breathing deeply in and releasing everywhere."