Making Forgiveness Real

Making Forgiveness Real

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We all get hurt – that’s the stuff of life.  Every spiritual tradition on the planet teaches about forgiveness, but how do we deal with and release the pain in a practical way?

Shakti Durga explains the effects of forgiveness on mental health and wellbeing and offers a guided process to renovate difficult relationships and situations.

Release hurt, pain, anger, misunderstanding, vitriol and the chords of energy that hold us bound to the past. Infuse the situation with more acceptance, understanding, healing and compassion.

This was recorded at a live event.


1:  Forgiveness Teachings (19:38)  47.2 MB

2: Forgiveness Meditation (16:34)  39.8MB

3: Forgiveness Song Ho’oponopono (5:50)  14.1MB

4: Cutting Cords to the Past (7:44)  18.6MB


Shakti Durga: Vocals
Accompanying Music: Shanti Mission Band

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