Om Durga Durga Om

Om Durga Durga Om

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Sacred chants have a powerful effect upon our energy field and our minds. They are able to transform us with regular use.

Durga chants are highly protective, and help us to infuse our souls with the energy of that facet of the Divine. Durga energy is that of the Divine Mother who loves us unconditionally and protects us fiercely. Durga is fearless and empowered. By chanting the name Durga we are ‘cleaving’ the aspect of the Divine that holds the energy of assertiveness, empowerment and protection.

The chant: Om Durga, Durga Om has been infused with the energy of assertiveness, to help people ‘catch’ energetically how to be more assertive and less passive or aggressive.

If you struggle with assertiveness, then a 40 day spiritual practice of daily chanting of Om Durga, Durga Om may be of tremendous benefit.

  1. Om Durga Durga Om (7:42)

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