Peace in the USA

Peace in the USA

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The prayers and love of a vast number of people focused upon lifting and shifting a situation can change the probable future.

May your love expand and lift you into higher consciousness, where a more beautiful world is in the process of formation even now. In this meditation (recorded live) Shakti Durga offers love and blessings to the new President Elect of the USA, as well as to all the diverse people of America and invites you to do the same.


“We offer our love healing and support to everyone in the United States and to all stakeholders in the momentous events that are occurring. May there be goodwill, may there be peace, may there be an expansion of consciousness. And from the ashes of people's dashed hopes and fears may the roses bloom.” - Shakti Durga

These meditations were recorded at the Abode of Peace Ashram with Shakti Durga over 3 consecutive weeks to help lift and shift feelings of fear following the the USA 2016 election. You are invited to make a donation if you find the mediations of benefit.

Track 1 (48:01) - Recorded: 25-11-2016

Track 2 (38:45) - Recorded: 2-12-2016

Track 3 (42:20) - Recorded: 9-12-2016

This is a live recording and may contain sounds from the audience and surrounding environment.

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