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When used consistently these quick and easy meditations will help you overcome obstacles and to experience a real shift in your life. Regular practice of these meditations will improve your relationships at work and home, help anchor more abundance and bring you more joyfulness, personal transformation and inner peace on your spiritual journey.

Quickies Meditations are five short yet powerful practices designed for daily use when you have little time to spare.

Quickies meditations guide you in connecting with your spirit to assist you to:

  • Develop your connection with your own energy field and the Divine. Co-create your life and fill it with peace, happiness and joy.
  •  Create a protective shield of energy around your body and energy bodies. Prevent negative low vibrational energies from influencing your life.
  •  Manifest more abundance into your life.
  •  Discover the power of forgiveness and heal your relationships past, present and future.
  • Energetically clean up any part of your day that you would like to change.

These meditations have been specifically designed to facilitate several different meditative experiences. The tracks can be enjoyed in any order and you can play one or any number of them. You do not have to listen to them all at the same time. You can skip tracks and do the ones that you like best, or perceive the most need for. We recommend you listen to Track 5 at the end of the day to help you clean up any aspects of your day that may not be in love and light.

To get the most of these meditations it is best to say the guided releases and commands out loud and with full intention. Be aware of energy moving through your body as you say the releases.

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  1. Pillar of Light (8:33)
  2. Bubble of Light (8:52)
  3. Abundance (11:46)
  4. Resolving Conflict (12:24)
  5. Daily Reflection (10:42)

More information on the pillar of light, and cleaning and clearing your energy field can be found in Shakti Durga's book Ignite Your Spirit while her book Dimensions of Wealth will show you how to bring more abundance into your life.

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