Renovating Relationships

Renovating Relationships

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One thing you can’t escape as a human being is relationships. All the relationships you’ve ever had, whether they’ve been great or whether they’ve been awful, have contributed to your uniqueness; to you being ‘you’.

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Renovating Relationships

In this meditation, Shakti Durga guides us in renovating our relationship with ourselves and renovating any relationship we have which is a source of frustration for us at the present. The intention is set that we’re going to learn to love so that we can bring these relationships to a vibration of respect love, kindness and peace.  We are invited to release any delusions that are not true and hold us in separateness, isolation or misunderstanding, so we may see things as they really are today, and affirm that our relationships blaze with love, good humor, flexibility and the capacity to see and be seen.

Shakti Durga says, “Through your faith and belief in your capacity to merge with the Infinite and to embody love, you really can make for yourself the most amazing world and you really can re-create your relationships in the most amazing way.”

In a guided meditation, we then visit the Temple of our Soul on the Inner plane where we have the opportunity to heal the relationship we chose to work on; to let go of the past and to transmute it into a radiant presence where unconditional love, deep fondness and true regard for each other is our normal relationship.

Renovating Relationships (31:30)

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Recorded at Satsang in Henley on 28th of May, 2017

This is a live recording and may contain sounds from the audience and surrounding environment.

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