Sacred Activism – Shamanic Clearing and Empowerment

Sacred Activism – Shamanic Clearing and Empowerment


In a shamanic journey, a spirit horse leads you to fields of opportunity where all of the flowers of wisdom that you’ve grown internally, can be harvested and shared and given to others. Connecting with loving beings from the starry realm and feeling the medicine you need from the stars going right into the core of yourself.  And as it does, a sparkling radiance bubbles within and awakens dormant seeds which are now ready to spring forth into life. Seeds of consciousness; seeds of Destiny; seeds of a deeper truth within your being.

Sacred Activism Meditation (36:38) 71.5MB

Vocals: Shakti Durga
This was recorded in Shakti Durga's Sacred Activism class, 19 January 2022.

Are you wanting to be a force of good for positive change in the world? Do you yearn to be a connected, empowered, clear minded, loving and effective sacred activist? To transform any self-righteous anger into the fire in the belly and a power to do good?  To create real world change gracefully, by applying Spiritual Laws?

Support your journey as a sacred activist with a meditation from Shakti Durga’s 2022 Sacred Activism program. Connecting with the Divine and releasing fear of where activism might take you; calling on the moon to dissolve and disintegrate barriers through all levels of consciousness that would impede your ability to be an effective sacred activist, and asking for illumination to influence world affairs for the better, and the areas where we can make a difference to be revealed.

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