Shanti Music to Ignite Your Spirit

Shanti Music to Ignite Your Spirit

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Joyous uplifting sacred music from Shakti Durga and the Shanti Musicians. Full of spiritual energy and love, this is music for the Soul!

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Shanti Music to Ignite Your Spirit and Uplift your Soul

These performances were recorded during an Ignite Your Spirit seminar, where we learn about sacred energy and how to live with love and cultivate inner peace.

1. Om Hum Hari Hum (7.48)

2. Gate Gate Para Gate (6.08)

3. Om Lakshmi Namaste (11.40)

4. Om Mani Padme Hum (7.18)

5. Jai Ganesh (7.28)

6. Divine Guru (12.30)

7. Yamuna Ki Jaya Jaya (6.10)

Ignite Your Spirit is one of Shakti Durga's most popular books.

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