Shiva Pure Bliss

Shiva Pure Bliss

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A beautiful collection of chants, music and meditations to help awaken your Soul.

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Shiva Pure Bliss is an offering of love and devotion to Shiva through song, chant and meditation.

Welcome to our devotional offering to Lord Shiva, may He awaken in your heart. Shiva to us is God the Father, the consciousness of everything existing in an infinite spectrum of light, like a giant column or lingam stretching upward beyond our imagination, beyond time and space. Lord Shiva is unknowable and yet also the pure bliss of devotional meditation.

1. Shiva Japa (9:21)

2. Shiva Pure Bliss (5:55)

3. Shiva Healing Judgement and Attachment spiritual practice (12:46)

4. Shiva Diamond Point Meditation (12:47)

5. Om (11:48)

6. Nirvana Shatkam (9:33)

Allow these practices to take you to a higher level of consciousness, to Shiva, pure bliss.

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