Solar Plexus Purification Meditation

Solar Plexus Purification Meditation

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Do you want to learn to love and honor yourself? Grow in self love and self respect? Release all thoughts that you are less than?

This meditation goes to the heart of your beliefs  that create all your insecurities and hold them in place – your solar plexus chakra!

One of Shakti Durga’s most popular CDs.

Learn to value yourself more than ever before!

The Solar Plexus chakra is the seat of our self esteem, the place where we hold all our ideas of  "not good enough"  and other dis-empowering thought forms and energies. With this meditation you release these negative beliefs that limit us and hold us back. They are then lovingly replaced with thoughts that create a strong sense of self and self love.

1. Solar Plexus Purification Meditation (25.06)

More information on the Solar Plexus chakra can be found in Ignite Your Spirit

This is a live recording and may contain sounds from the audience and surrounding environment.

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