Songs from Beyond the Sea

Songs from Beyond the Sea

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‘There is only one moment in time when it is essential to awaken. That moment is now’. The Buddha

Through these songs and his purity of sound Maitreya assists you to awaken loving kindness and compassion in your heart.

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Songs from Beyond the Sea by Maitreya

'May this album serve to awaken the great heart of loving kindness and compassion within all beings.' Maitreya

  1. Across the Sea    (5.11)
  2. Peace Inside Me   (4.24)
  3. Mountain Climb   (4.14)
  4. Om Guru   (5.11)
  5. Gabri   (7.17)
  6. Roses at Your Feet   (7.39)
  7. Shakti Durga   (7.31)
  8. The Sacred Tree   (5.01)

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