Spiritual Mastery

Spiritual Mastery

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This second edition of Spiritual Mastery by Shakti Durga is a guidebook, a diamond lens through which we can see into the heart and soul of our own being.  It shows us what we are likely to find on our path and how to deal with it in an empowered way, growing our spiritual mastery, coming into harmony with the beat of the cosmic drum and becoming illuminated through the process.

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Spiritual Mastery teaches you to have inner peace, personal power and prosperity in whatever situation life gives you.

Spiritual Masters exist in every religious and mystical tradition. They guide us home and take us further on our spiritual journey.

Shakti Durga's book covers the many tools and life changing ideals that have helped thousands to find peace, power and prosperity on the Path of Ease and Grace©.

Some of the topics covered include:-

  • Emotional Mastery
  • Mastering Discernment
  • Mastering Transendence
  • Growing in Love: Loving the Unlovable
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Non-Attachment
  • The Law of Karma
  • The Law of Forgiveness
  • The Law of Compassion
  • The Law of Free Will

Spiritual knowledge and theory become wisdom when we embody what we have been taught. This book will help you to understand these theories on a much deeper level and will enable you to take the teachings into your daily life.

Spiritual Mastery is also a seminar, taught to thousands of people internationally by Shakti Durga and her team in The Consciousness Connection.

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