Wealth Wisdom Cards

Wealth Wisdom Cards

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Wealth Wisdom is a multidimensional approach to leading an abundant life.  Shakti Durga has created a series of cards based on her teachings to assist everyone to gain clear soul guidance on a daily basis. Also available in App format from the iTunes store.

Natural Manifesting with Ease and Grace

Natural manifesting is a spiritual science and art, creating powerful life changes. Spiritual teacher Shakti Durga, has created this set of 72 Wealth Wisdom cards to assist you to go beyond affirmations to access the amazing power of the soul as a means to attract miracles into your life. Each card offers a specific message to assist you in using the mightiest part of your wealth anatomy, your soul, to enable you to find your passion, your inner strength and your highest destiny. Along the way you will attract all kinds of material and financial abundance.

Also available in App format from the iTunes store.

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